Sometimes dinner can be hard to plan. We always make it a point to have a diy dinner during the week. This week we had make your own pizza. I made the dough in the morning so it was easier when it came time to make them. My daughter helped me roll out the dough to the right sizes. For her, her pizza was a little smaller than my husbands and mine. Yes flour got everywhere but the laughs that happened were so worth the mess. After the pizza dough was rolled out she was able to put on what ever topping she liked. Now for this diy dinner we bought just about every topping you could think of for pizza. My daughter had so much fun not only helping pick out the toppings but getting to put what ever she wanted on her pizza (it was mostly cheese). She loves helping in the kitchen and I love showing her new things. Of course she also helped make my husbands and mine pizza. Yes it was a crazy and it might just be easier to redecorate the kitchen after tonight. It kind of looks like there was a food fight with pizza. But the time and laughter that was spent together as a family was so worth the mess. Anyone else know of any really good recipes that are great for making with kids?

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