L&D staff gifts

With my last labor and delivery I brought the staff a goodie basket filled with snacks. I plan to do the same with this labor and delivery. I decided that in basket I am putting in chocolate of all kinds, starbucks drinks, and chap stick. It might not seem like much but sometimes all it takes is a little thank you to turns someones day around.

Hospital Bag

So now that I am in my last trimester of pregnancy it is time to make sure I have everything for the hospital. With my first labor and delivery bag I feel like I did not really pack what I needed. So this time around I have done my research and have made one big master list. Also this time around I have to pack my daughter a weekend bag. there is no real right or wrong way to pack a hospital bag it is just what ever moms feel they will need at the hospital.

For my bag I packed really comfortable shirts, yoga pants, nursing bras,lots of socks, and cheap flip flop (the cheap flip flops I just throw away). I pack a tooth brush, tooth paste, deoderant, hair brush, hair ties, shampoo, conditioner, and face wipes. I always pack a post delivery care kit as well just in case the hospital runs out of pads, sprays, and all the other things women need. I also pack my comfort blanket and my pillow. I also pack some lactation bars and 2 phone chargers.

For my husband he gets shirts, pants, tooth brush, blanket, and pillow. It does not seem like a lot however when I asked him what he needed he said just a change of clothes. I also hid some snacks and a gatorade in the bottom of the bag.

My daughters bag is a little bit more complicated since she has never been away over night. She has all the normal shirts, pants, pjs, socks, and shoes. I also have her bathroom bag which has her favorite shampoo, body wash, conditioner, her tooth brush and tooth paste. She also has her favorite blanket ( my mom made her about 3 of the same one) and her wobbie ( smaller version of her blanket). The last thing that she is taking with her is her rabbit sentsy stuffed animal.

The dipar bag for the baby was easy. baby blanket, socks, hair brush,a few outfits (I prefer the baby night gowns because I feel it is easier to change the diapers at night). In this bag I also pack nursing pads, nipple cream and 2 nursing covers. Last but not least binkies. I also throw in 2 diapers and a pack of wipes just incase.

What do other people pack in their hospital bags ?

Yoga and kids

Yoga is something I started doing a long time ago with my first child. It was great to do after child birth because it was slow flow and you didnt have to push yourself. It is all about relaxation and breathing. still to this day my five year old and I do yoga. She loves learning new things. My daughter has her own yoga mat and all of her own stuff for yoga. Her favorite pose is tree pose. I will soon have two kids to do yoga with and I am not quit sure how it is going to work out but hey we are going to try. I guess I am going to have to invest in another yoga mat for the baby. Yoga while pregnant is also kind of intresting. But it does help my body relax. Now I cant do yoga for very long right now because I am high risk but I try to do what I can.


So snack for my family are huge! I always keep my snack door filled up because you just never know who it going to stop by. In my food pantry I put up a plastic shoe rack to hold all the many snacks my family loves. When people come over and visit they all know that if they need something to help themselves. It is a great conversation starter for people who have never come over to our house before and for people who have we always get the question so what kind of snacks do you have this time? So what kind of snack should people stock up on? what are people favorite snacks?


Sometimes dinner can be hard to plan. We always make it a point to have a diy dinner during the week. This week we had make your own pizza. I made the dough in the morning so it was easier when it came time to make them. My daughter helped me roll out the dough to the right sizes. For her, her pizza was a little smaller than my husbands and mine. Yes flour got everywhere but the laughs that happened were so worth the mess. After the pizza dough was rolled out she was able to put on what ever topping she liked. Now for this diy dinner we bought just about every topping you could think of for pizza. My daughter had so much fun not only helping pick out the toppings but getting to put what ever she wanted on her pizza (it was mostly cheese). She loves helping in the kitchen and I love showing her new things. Of course she also helped make my husbands and mine pizza. Yes it was a crazy and it might just be easier to redecorate the kitchen after tonight. It kind of looks like there was a food fight with pizza. But the time and laughter that was spent together as a family was so worth the mess. Anyone else know of any really good recipes that are great for making with kids?

The Belly

I have decided that if I drop something on the floor that is where it is going to stay till someone can come pick it up. No I am not lazy i am just super pregnant and cant lean down that far. If I do lean down well I am staying on the floor till someone can come help me up. What is it about the pregnancy belly that makes it so hard to pick stuff up off the floor?

Oil Life

Oils are not for everyone and that is ok. I use dōterra, it is all natural and most of them are safe to ingest. they are a really great company and they have their own kid line of oils which is great. Now before we go to far, no I am not a crunchy mom. I just like the way they smell and defusers are flameless with atomatic shut off.

I am in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy and getting to this point has been no joke. I am high risk, sick all the time, have a heart condition, and pass out all the time. I have found that when I use oils I feel much better. I dont like taking medication while I am pregnant. For example, peppermint for headaches instead of tynol, ginger for upset tummy instead of zofran, and roman chamomile for sleep instead of unisom.

My favorite pregnancy blend for the defuser during the day is 2 drops lavender to calm my mind, 1 drop peppermint, and 2 drops wild orange. This blend helps me relax and keep calm. It also helps my daughter stay calm which I love.

My daughters favorite defuser recipe for bath time is 2 drops lavender 1 drop roman chamomile and 1 drop vetiver. I have tried many recipes for her but at night this is the one that calms her the most. My daughter and I have had so much fun finding and experimenting with recipes. We alter a few of them the recipes to fit our needs.

We dont just use oils to defuse, we also use them to clean. Putting a little on guard cleaner in my mop bucket when I clean my floors not only makes my house smell good but I think it also helps keeps away unwanted bugs (side note: I hate bugs!!! well any sort of creepy crawly thing). My family also uses their laundry detergent because my husband is in the military and well uniforms get really really gross. My husband is not the only mess maker, my daughter is also a mess maker. She is 5 years old and well lets face it kids get messy.

My family also uses doterra to cook with. One of my falmies favorite recipes is Guacamole. We use 2-3 ripe avocados, 1/2 cup chopped tomato, 1 drop cilantro essential oil, 1 drop wild orange essential oil, and 3-4 drops lime essential oil. It is also a party pleaser.

Spa Day!

Who needs a spa day? It is so easy to get caught up with how busy life can get. I make sure that every friday morning it is spa day for me and my daughter. Now I am not talking going to some crazy expensive spa, I mean I set up a spa in my house. It is our special time to spend together and have one on one time. Here is how our spa days usually work.

1. My daughter likes to start with a big breakfast. most of the time it consists of eggs, bacon, hash browns, and waffles or pancakes. I let my daughter help make breakfast. From cracking eggs to mixing the batter for pancakes or waffles. She loves helping.

2. After breakfast it is bubble bath time. I let her explore all of my bath bubbles, bath bombs, and bath oils. I always have so many and it seems like I can never use them. Now 9 times out of 10 she will always pick bath bubbles and a bath bomb. Of course this is after she smells every single thing I have. Her favorite part of the bath is not the bath bubbles or the bath bombs it is getting to pick put a chaper book so she can relax in the water while I read to her.

3. After a relaxing bath she gets to pick out a face mask. yes that is right. Again I have so many that I never get to use. Of course now I buy the kid friendly ones. once her face mask is on I set up a pedicure/manicure station. She gets to soak her feet and drink tea.

Now I know what everyone is thinking, and yes it is a lot. Doing all that for my daughter once a week takes your mind off of mostly everything else. For those few hours my mind is at peace because my daughter tells me stories and I am too busy focusing on her to think about all the other things that are going on. It has help me reduce stress and anexity from the week.