Hospital Bag

So now that I am in my last trimester of pregnancy it is time to make sure I have everything for the hospital. With my first labor and delivery bag I feel like I did not really pack what I needed. So this time around I have done my research and have made one big master list. Also this time around I have to pack my daughter a weekend bag. there is no real right or wrong way to pack a hospital bag it is just what ever moms feel they will need at the hospital.

For my bag I packed really comfortable shirts, yoga pants, nursing bras,lots of socks, and cheap flip flop (the cheap flip flops I just throw away). I pack a tooth brush, tooth paste, deoderant, hair brush, hair ties, shampoo, conditioner, and face wipes. I always pack a post delivery care kit as well just in case the hospital runs out of pads, sprays, and all the other things women need. I also pack my comfort blanket and my pillow. I also pack some lactation bars and 2 phone chargers.

For my husband he gets shirts, pants, tooth brush, blanket, and pillow. It does not seem like a lot however when I asked him what he needed he said just a change of clothes. I also hid some snacks and a gatorade in the bottom of the bag.

My daughters bag is a little bit more complicated since she has never been away over night. She has all the normal shirts, pants, pjs, socks, and shoes. I also have her bathroom bag which has her favorite shampoo, body wash, conditioner, her tooth brush and tooth paste. She also has her favorite blanket ( my mom made her about 3 of the same one) and her wobbie ( smaller version of her blanket). The last thing that she is taking with her is her rabbit sentsy stuffed animal.

The dipar bag for the baby was easy. baby blanket, socks, hair brush,a few outfits (I prefer the baby night gowns because I feel it is easier to change the diapers at night). In this bag I also pack nursing pads, nipple cream and 2 nursing covers. Last but not least binkies. I also throw in 2 diapers and a pack of wipes just incase.

What do other people pack in their hospital bags ?